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User Feedback for PurgeFox...

PurgeIE (and now perhaps PurgeFox) is among the very few truly useful utilities that I have ever acquired.

I tried the Firefox browser based on some favorable media reviews, but was put off by the fact that it does not seem to allow the retention of selected cookies. On the off chance that PurgeIE Pro would be offering something for Firefox, I went to your site and discovered the Beta. It was my hope that your PurgeFox Beta would be similar to PurgeIE Pro. I have been running Beta 0.33 for almost a week, and Beta version 0.35 for 2 days and am pleased to report that I have found the program to be essentially the Firefox equivalent of PurgeIE Pro.

Last month I told my computer club about PurgFox. I have every confidence that this version will be every bit as good as the original. I think somewhere in the region of 30-35  had bought and are using it with great success. Man this little program sure clears space and keeps everything running a lot smoother.

I have been a user of PurgeIE for several years.  I went to your site today to ask you to consider developing a version for FireFox.   Lo and behold, look what I found!

Thanks. you just made my day.

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