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PurgeFox - Frequently Asked Questions

Windows 8 Note  -  PurgeIE, PurgeIE Pro and PurgeFox were designed to work with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Prior to Windows 8, Internet Explorer utilized files named Index.dat for indexing the Cache, Cookies and History information.


Beginning with Windows 8, Index.dat files are not used. The indexing functions are implemented within a Microsoft database system.

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Why isn't PurgeFox 4 clearing all of the dropdown entries in the URL address bar in FireFox 3.x?


The FireFox developers have included additional items in the FireFox Address bar dropdown list.  

FireFox 3.x includes your Bookmarks (links) and URLs from your browsing history.


PurgeFox 4 can clear your browsing history but does not clear your Bookmarks.

Why isn't PurgeFox 4 clearing all Search History in FireFox 3.x?


You are probably seeing "Search Suggestions" rather than your search data.

For an explanation, please check the page - Search Suggestions at


There you will find that search suggestions are from Google / Yahoo, etc., and
not from FireFox 3.x.

"Search suggestions help you to find out common phrases that other people have
searched for."

Why isn't PurgeFox 3.01 clearing the History for FireFox 3.x?


The FireFox developers have implemented a different structure for storing History data in FireFox 3.0.  The new structure make use of SQLITE database files.


PurgeFox 4.02 implements support for the new Firefox 3.x History data.


Please download and install the new version from - https://www.purgefox.com/dlpfox.htm

What does the new message "Ignore files modified in the last xxx Hours" mean?


This is due to a new option for the Temp Folders configuration sub-tab.  You can turn the option on /off and can specify the number of Hours to be considered for the age.    

The purpose of the option is to minimize the number of "Locked" messages from the Temp Folders option by skipping the purge of newer files in the Temp Folders.

The default setting is "on" and "8" Hours. You can access these settings by clicking the Configuration tab and then Clicking the Temp Folders sub-tab.

Why was PurgeFox developed as a separate program?


Consideration was given to supporting FireFox cleanup within PurgeIE Pro.

Consideration was given to creating a Plugin for FireFox.  This proved problematic as each installation of FireFox uses a unique name for its subfolder names.  This would require such a Plugin to be manually tailored by each user.

Further, a Plugin would not provide a means for retaining good Cookies.  The storage for Cache and Cookies was entirely different for FireFox from that used by Internet Explorer.

Why should I use PurgeFox when I can use FireFox's [ Clear All ] button to delete Cookies, etc.?

  • FireFox's [ Clear All ] button does not allow you to keep the good Cookies.  PurgeFox provides a convenient means for you to protect your good  Cookies so that its Purge Cookies function will not delete them.
  • PurgeFox has an option to place a special [PurgeFox Now] shortcut on the desktop for a one-click cleanup.  This will execute the cleanup based on the options you have configured.
  • FireFox's [ Clear All ] button clears all of FireFox's History, Forms History and Cache as well as clearing all Cookies.  If you only wanted to clear some of these, you would have to manually clear them one-at-a-time.
  • PurgeFox includes additional cleanup functions for Windows and, optionally, performs a Secure Erase.
  • PurgeFox includes the Plugin function and Plugins from PurgeIE Pro.
  • A Plugin Manager is available for you to create your own Plugins to delete files, folders and registry entries.

Does PurgeFox support multiple User Profiles for FireFox?


PurgeFox recognizes multiple User Profiles in Firefox and uses the current User Profile to locate the FireFox Folder used for storing Cache, History, etc..  The current User Profile is the last one used when starting Firefox using its "Profile Manager".  

How do I setup multiple User Profiles in FireFox?


This is documented on the Mozilla-Firefox webpage "How to Manage Profiles".  The link is https://www.mozilla.org/support/firefox/profile  

Can I execute PurgeFox if FireFox is open?


You should close FireFox before executing PurgeFox.  As both programs work with FireFox data files, the following PurgeFox Options would not function properly:

FireFox Cache  
FireFox Cookies
FireFox History File
Firefox Forms History

Beginning with version 2.03, these functions are not processed if a FireFox window is open.  Attempting to Purge with these options if a FireFox window is open will produce an error message.  A conflict was discovered with webpages which used CSS (cascading style sheets) when the FireFox Cache was not completely cleared.

Also, the PurgeFox Cookie window may not show the same Cookies as  FireFox when both are open at the same time.

Does PurgeFox require a system service?


No.  The data required for Forms is not secured in the Registry as is done by Internet Explorer.  A system service is not necessary for cleaning the FireFox's Forms data.  

Does PurgeFox support Netscape, Mozilla or Opera?


No.  This may be considered in the future.

How is PurgeFox supported?


PurgeFox supported via Email.  Every effort is made to respond to all Email within one business day.  There is no fee for support.  Downloading of Maintenance releases and upgrades to new versions are free to registered users.  Please see the support page.

What if I lose my Registration Code after registering?


Just fill out and submit the "Replace Registration Code" form via the Lost Reg Code link on the support page.  Once your registration if verified, your Registration Code will be emailed to you.  Note that some vendors charge for this service.  We do not.

Does FireFox use Index.dat files?


No. There are no FireFox Index.dat files.  FireFox uses different methods and different folders to manage its Cache, Cookies and History data.  PurgeFox provides a convenient method for cleaning up this FireFox data.  Please see the PurgeFox mainpage.

The Index.dat files on your system belong to Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer.

How do I clear FireFox AutoComplete dropdown entries?


FireFox uses its History File for its AutoComplete processing.  Therefore, you use the FireFox History File option to delete Firefox AutoComplete entries.  

Note that these dropdown entries are also referred to as FireFox Typed URL History.

How do I clear FireFox Search dropdown entries?


FireFox uses its Forms History File to store its Search bar entries.  Therefore, you use the FireFox Forms History option to delete FireFox Search dropdown entries.

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